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Pure Charity Leadership Update

With increasing urbanization, computerization and demands of daily life, the prevalence of mental illness is increasing at an alarming rate. It is predicted by WHO that by 2010, mental illness will be the second leading cause of morbidity in the world. India is no exception to this phenomenon. There are 40-50 million people in India who are affected by some form of mental illness. Every year more than 11,000 Schizophrenics are added every year. The majority of these individuals remain in the community under the care of their family members and they don’t receive treatment and care due to;

a)first point of approach is traditional and religious belief practice due to lack of awareness on mental health
b)non-availability of mental health services at primary care level
c)less availability of mental health services at secondary care level
d)over burden at tertiary care

Individuals who are experiencing mental ill health are at increased risk for destitution, for reasons such as wandering or being rejected by their families.

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